Schools in Greater Barh el Ghazal region are among the best performers in the just announced 2018/2019 South Sudan Certificate of Secondary Examinations.

Two states in Equatoria and one in Upper Nile regions also appeared in the list of top 10 best performers.

On Tuesday June 25, the Ministry of General Education through the National Examinations Council declared Eastern Lakes as the best amongst the 32 states with 96.9 % pass rate.

It was immediately followed by Aweil East with 96.5 % pass rate.

Lol state came third with 96.4 % pass rate, followed by Gok state in the fourth place with 94.7 %.

Jonglei state came in the fifth position with 94.2 %, and two other states in Bahr el Ghazal; Western Lakes and Wau states followed with 91.6 % and 84.8 % respectively.

Gbudue state came in the eighth position with 83.45 % pass rate, followed by Terekeka state with 82.1 %.

In the tenth position is Gogrial state with a pass rate of 81.1 %.

10 best student performers

The Ministry also announced the top 10 best students across the country in the secondary schools certificate exams.

Among the 10 best performers, 5 are female students.

Students of art subjects were the leaders in this examinations.

Michael Dut Arok Mabior has been announced as the leading student with a score of 96 %. He is a student of Promise Land SS, Juba.

He is followed Piok Deng Mayiik Mei with 95.1 % – from Darling Wisdom Academy, Juba.

In the third position is Kur Phillip Nhial Anyang Nhial with 93.7 % -from Bor College, Bor.

He is followed by the leading female candidate, Kuei Garang Akok Adut who came in the fourth position with 93 % -from Promise Land SS, Juba.

She is immediately followed in the fifth position by Emmanuel Malou Deng Mangok with 92.9 % – from Juba Academy, Juba.

Meanwhile in at number six position, Garang Deng Tong Deng – who is the only Science student in the top 10 list -scored 92.6 % – Juba Academy, Juba.

Ferida Juan Chaplian Wani came in the seventh position with 92.3 % – from Juba Diocesan Model SS, Juba.

She is the second leading girl in the top 10 list of best performers.

Malou David Ghai Garang also came in at number 7 sharing the same marks of  92.3 % with Juan. He is a student of Bor College, Bor.

The third female student at number 9 in the top best performers is Nicole Awan Yel Deng with 92.1 % – from Darling Wisdom Academy, Juba.

In the 10th position of the best student performers is the fourth female candidate, Nakuru Laura Paul Lokor – St. Comboni SS, Juba.

She scored 92 % marks.

James Gore Henry Bero, student of St. Comboni SS, Juba and Aja Bol Mayen Bior, from Juba Diocesan Model SS also took the number 10 position with similar 92% marks.

Juba Academy emerged as the best school across the country, followed by St. Thomas Secondary School – both in Jubek state.

According to the South Sudan National Examination Council, 23, 452 students were registered for the 2018 exams.

But 23, 111 candidates sat the Secondary school examinations

An overwhelming 77.1 % of the candidates passed the exams, while 23 % failed.