Ateny Wek Ateny held an astonishing press conference yesterday where he revealed that in July 2016 the government spent $5 million USD for operations to capture or kill Riek. He called the press conference he said, to respond to allegations against the president which he said were, “mockery to logic”. He accused Malong of corruption.

Ateny said the Bank of South Sudan’s vaults were opened in the dead hours of the night and $5 million USD was taken out. He said the money was given to Malong. “Malong took the money but Riek Machar was not killed. He failed to pursue Machar and Riek Machar did not face any difficulty. But he took the money,” Ateny asserted in a bid to discredit and embarrass Malong.

As Chief of General Staff for nearly 3 years, Ateny said Malong “squandered millions of dollars in disguise” as money “for security operations”. “Banks were opened at night to allow General Malong to take the money at whim,” Ateny said.

Ateny however did not reveal who authorised Malong to take the money or whether Malong was acting unilaterally or was under orders.

Ateny said J1 rejects all of Malong’s accusations. He said Malong should not be allowed to take part in the peace negotiations.

via The National Courier