The Governor of Wau State banned nightclubs, saying they encourage robberies, crimes and bring immoral behaviors among young people in the town.

Angelo Taban Biago says criminals are taking advantage of the nightclubs to loot in residential areas.

Governor Taban calls on elders in Wau town to support his government in the fight against immoral behaviors in the community.

He discloses that the state will recruit a new police unit to crack down criminal activities.

Some young people in Wau who are not happy with the governor’s order, say the nightclubs help many families to leave the IDPs camps and return to their homes.

19-year-old, Angelo Wuda, who resides in Hai Jebel neighborhood, says night DJs help to keep neighborhood alive and discourage criminals from entering homes.

Stephen Robo Musa, CEPO manager in Wau, says the governor’s order will be effective if there are alternatives put in place to entertain young people.

He suggests that Municipal authorities should create some cultural or sports activities for youth.

Some Wau residents say night robberies have reduced since the deployment of the national security force in residential areas which give them a secure environment.