South Sudan government will not accept another extension of the pre-transitional period, information minister and government spokesman Michael Makuei has said.

Michael Makuei Lueth was reacting to a press statement issued by SPLM-IO last week when it called for deployment of a UN protection force and the resolution of the issue on the number of states, before the formation of a unity government.

The deputy spokesperson of the main opposition group, Manawa Peter, had told Eye Radio that SPLM-IO would find it difficult to participate in a coalition government without determination of the number of states.

It also called for an evaluation of the progress made in the implementation of the agreement over the last 70 days.

Michael Makuei told Eye Radio today that the government will issue its official position on the matter.

“Our position will be clearly stated in a press conference that we will be holding soon,” he stated. “But of course, we don’t agree with whatever they [SPLM-IO] said in that statement.”

GAD is yet to issue an official statement on the way forward following the lapsing of the 50 days evaluation period of the extended pre-transitional timeline.

The parties are expected to set up the unity government late next month, after it was postponed twice.

Recently, the Trump administration threatened to impose more sanctions on South Sudan leaders should they fail to implement the activities of the extended pre-transitional period and establish the government.