The Pensions Fund is calling upon pensioners to register with the office, after securing 148 million pounds for the retired civil servants.

This development comes weeks after Eye Radio carried a story about a 77-year-old former teacher who appealed to the institution to pay them before, she said, they all die of old age.

In an interview with Eye Radio on Friday, the Manager for Pensions Fund Operations – Kenneth Loboka – asked those who haven’t registered to report to the office on Monday.

“By July, we have to pay at least pensions to our citizens who have devoted their life to work in this country. So, let them come and then we register them on Monday,” he said.

“We shall be going to the states also to assess files and register them and have all data-information with South Sudan Pension Fund.”

Loboka said the money has been approved by the Ministry of Finance.

The Pensions Fund is located at Hai Jalaba near Juba town.

via Eye Radio