From the information doing rounds in Juba, indications are that our “very hard working” MPs are being given $16 million loans to purchase sleek luxuries cars in spite of the economic crisis the country is undergoing.

Each of the 400 MPs is to receive about $40,000. Of course, we are told it’s a loan but those of them whose vehicles cost more than $40,000 will have to top- up the difference from their own resources.

Sources in Juba alleges that the money will be provided by banks in the country which the MPs will pay back.

Some members of the public are skeptical about the whole deal with some questioning how the honorable can pay back the loan.

“My question is: if your salary is $28 USD per month, how long will it take you to pay us (the public) back our money?” Twitter user questioned.

The loan came days after the members of parliament voted unanimously to approve the extension of President Salva Kiir’s term for three more years.