The Minister of Interior Hon. Michael Chiangjiek Ordered the Directorate of Nationality passport and Immigration to immediately establish centers on Monday 07-01-2019 to screen out foreigners. It has been understood that there are foreign nationals who are staying in the country illegally. Many don’t have work permits while other have fraudulently acquired South Sudanese nationality.

Last year, Animu Afekuru Risasi, a Ugandan national was fired from the office of the First Vice President after acquiring South Sudanese nationality fraudulently making her was to the highest office. Ms. Risasi is believed to be a spy who has mastered her skills of getting into any office when she need information. During the period 2013-2014 when the war broke out, Ms. Risasi was stationed at Logali house giving sensitive information to international media. She is still using the ill-acquired passport and Nationality without being apprehended by the authorities. There are thousands of foreigners who have live such life as Ms. Risasi.

The minister in his remarks, added “that some foreigners are committing crimes in the country”. The minister made this call today during a general parade for organized forces at Buluk Police headquarters in Juba. The parade was organised to appreciate the organised forces for their successful security coverage of Christmas and new year.

In the same event, Inspector General of Police Gen.Majak Akec Malok lauded the police efforts for arresting prime suspect who thrown hand grenade in the party at new site that killed two people and four other injured on 2nd January 2019. He further appreciated the organized forces for the successful security coverage of Christmas and New Year and urged the forces to distance themselves from politics and tribalism as their duty is to protect lives and property headed.

This call came at a time when peace is being realised in the country. It is believed that this peace shall bring more investment hence the need for proper process to regularise the foreign workforce.

Via Bell