The ministry of General Education and Instructions has threatened to ensure that those who got government jobs using fake school certificates lose their jobs.

The statement comes after a Juba court convicted three forgers on Thursday.

The men are believed to have been behind production of counterfeit secondary school and university certificates in the country.

According to the Secretary General for South Sudan Examination Council, some government employees are now holding fake bachelor’s and Masters’ degrees.

“…even some people are working in this country with Master’s degree; others with Bachelor’s degree,” Simon Nyok told reporters in Juba, after sentencing of Khalid Baballa, Ladu Lawrence Ladu and Kenyi Mark Peter.

He said those who are holding such fake degrees will lose their jobs soon.

“This is institution is working with other institutions to ensure such people are punished; people will lose job,” Nyok added.

According to the penal court act 2008, whoever imitates or alters any key or fabricates any instrument intending that such false key or instrument shall be used for a criminal purpose, upon conviction, shall be sentenced to imprisonment for a term not exceeding three years and may also be liable to a fine.


Via Eye Radio