Two senior officials at the Ministry of General Education have been suspended for allegedly misappropriating funds meant for the examination council.
Lul Ruai, the Secretary General of the National Examination Council and Abraham Mayom, the Controller of Accounts have been accused of mismanaging 3.5 million pounds.
They were suspended in a ministerial order that came into on Tuesday.
The decree states that Mr. Lul received 22,616 dollars from a Ugandan company that recently supplied the ministry with examination materials, an act which constitutes a kick-back.
However, it has not clarified how Abraham Mayom was involved, but it says he returned 1.75 million pounds after an internal meeting appealing to both men to return the money.
The order by Minister Deng Deng Hoc added that Mr. Lul refused to return the funds he was accused of having mismanaged.
Mr Lul Ruai denied the accusations:
“It is not true but to prove it to you physically, you have to see the papers so as to believe what I am saying. But now if I relate it to you verbally, this cannot be accurate.”
For his part, Abraham Mayom, admitted that he took part in misusing the examinations money.
“It happened that the boss to told me that there was money sitting and the examinations were not yet out since November last year. So he proposed to use this money for the time being for business and then it will be returned,” he said.
But Mr Mayom said he paid what he had stolen and was surprised when he was suspended.
“I brought back my money. For my part, I thought maybe normal administrative measures according to the public service law will be applied and only continue with my work. ”
The suspension of the two officials will remain effective until a court of law determines the case.
But the ministerial decree states that they will be fully paid, given the current economic situation in the country.
In a separate order, the Minster of General Education appointed Simon Nyok as the acting Secretary General for the Examination Council.

via EyeRadio