Two South Sudan’s customs officials at Mombasa Port in Kenya are accused of aiding smuggling of an illegal substance and helping Kenyan traders avoid paying millions of Kenya Shillings in taxes to Kenya Revenue Authority.

A latest investigation, shared with Nyamilepedia by private investigators, Joe and Davis, who prefer to be known by their first names due to fear of reprisal, reveals the two South Sudan’s Custom Officials as Arop Deng Kuol, the Chief Custom Officer and his deputy Officer, Mr. Emmanuel Sukole.

The investigation details that Arop and Sukole allow Kenyan traders of high risk substances to label their containers as products destined to Juba, South Sudan in order to sneak them into the country without paying taxes and without being intercepted by the Kenyan police.

“Disguised as potential customers, we were able to interview many illegal substances suppliers on how they smuggled their products into the country without being caught at the custom” said Davis and Joe in their report.

“They said usually their products[drugs] are received by their “colleagues” from South Sudan, these men are of high authority in South Sudan government and no one dare to touch such goods” Reads part of the report.

In return, Arop and Sukole are paid half or whole of what the illegal traders would have paid in taxes if they are lucky to escape without being dragged to jail by Kenyan Custom authority.

Mr. Arop and Sukole are believe to have done such risky business and made billions of Kenyan shillings within the last two years.

According to a different report, which was released last month by Kenya’s Business Today, the South Sudanese Custom officials help cartels to smuggle in their products to any destination within Kenya without paying taxes.

“There’s a cartel in Mombasa that specializes in smuggling of goods across the borders. This group is being facilitated by South Sudanese custom officials. The two custom officials arranged for diversions and changing of destinations using South Sudan name. This arrangement enables smugglers to sell their products in any market without paying taxes,” Read part of Kenyatoday report.

Although the Kenya Port authority are yet to comment on the matter, it’s believed that KPA does very little to know what such products could be and whether they are being shipped to South Sudan as indicated on containers.

“Kenyan port authorities can’t do anything because the goods are declared as headed to South Sudan, and so their hands are tied because they can’t meddle in the affairs of another sovereign state,” the person said.

The South Sudanese officials Arop and Sukole, who make thousands of dollars every month, handle luxurious vehicles and containers that are not properly identified at the Kenyan port of Mombasa.

SOURCE: Nyamilepedia

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