Only four private universities operating in the country have met the eligibility of registration with the Ministry of Higher Education, an official in the ministry has revealed.
The official who sought anonymity for fear of repercussion from his bosses said that only four private universities had been registered.
“We have only four private Universities that have completed the registration process at the Ministry of Higher Education. We have given them licenses and some are operational. The ministry recognizes the four institutions,” he said.
The official said the registered private institutions included Catholic University of South Sudan, Stamford International University, St. Mary College and Star International University College.
Last month, the office of the Undersecretary in the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology issued a public notice that was published on 9th September recognizing Catholic University, Stanford International, St. Mary and Star International University Colleges as the only registered private Universities in the country.
The circular further advised eligible candidates not to enroll in any private university that was not registered by the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology.
In response to the statement, the principal of Kampala University Centre in Juba said that they are saddened and surprised by the statement released by the Ministry.
The same sentiments were echoed by the administration of Remedial and Kuda College among other private institutions of higher learning in the country.
“We are surprised by the statement from the Ministry that we are not on the list of recognized institutions, yet we are always corresponding with the Ministry. We wondered why the name of our institution was not among the list of registered private institutions in the country. We are operating legally since we have submitted all the programmes and curriculum to the Ministry last year.
Dr. Faisal Juuko said they have no problem with registration since the institution had already submitted all the required programmes and curriculum to the ministry.
He said what is remaining is the fact that they are in final negotiation on how to pay for the registration and processing of license.
“We see no problem. We finished everything with the ministry. We have submitted all the documents to the Directorate of foreign and private institutions since last year 2016. But now we are surprised by the notice of the ministry that we are not among the list of private institutions operating in the country,” Juuko said.
He further added that they have got some certificates like a certificate of incorporation, Tax clearance, and Identification number, membership certificate as well as operational License from Jubek state.
He said the institution has complied with all regulations for it to fully operate in the Republic of South Sudan.
“What remains is the final negotiation with the ministry on payment. The ministry told us to pay 50,000 USD as fees to complete the registration process. We are ready to pay this money, but we are still waiting for an authorization letter from the ministry. This is where we are,” he added.
In 2013, the former Minister of Higher Education Peter Adwok Nyaba shut down over 20 private Universities in the country.
Now only four Universities like Catholic University, St. Mary College, Star International and Stanford International Colleges are registered while Kampala University College, Remedial, Kuda and Christian are not in the list of registered private institutions in the country.