The government in Bor, Jonglei state has started an exercise it termed as clearing ‘niggas’ in the state, a source in the state alleges.

It’s alleged that the government is arresting youth who spot deadlocks, wear tight saggy jeans and ladies wearing mini-skirts and trousers.

“Since last week, over 40 youth have been arrested and those with dreadlock are forced to shave while girls found in town wearing trousers are forces to burn them, ” source in Bor said.

the move has received critism from many the youth in the state.

“Jonglei state government should deal with the issue of Murle & poverty and leave poor youth alone. Will banning of dreadlocks, wearing of skinny clothes and women trousers stop cattle rustling, poverty and children abduction?! What a cowardice move…Fucken!” a concern youth posted on social media