The South Sudanese minister for finance has officially announced a hike in fees for the country’s national identification cards, passport, visas and other personal documents.

The undersecretary in the finance ministry, Agak Achuil Lual, said the fees are in accordance with the 2016/2017 financial year budget.

“This is a rates under the taxation amendment Act 2016/2017 directs all government institutions in charge of non-oil revenue collection to readjust their fees,” said Lual.

“In compliance, on Wednesday this week, the Directorate of Nationality and Passports launched the new fees for a regular passport, with changes from 315 to 4,410 South Sudanese Pounds,” he added.

Also, a nationality certificate, which initially costs SSP 45, is now 4,000.

According to the office of the undersecretary, the finance ministry has asked all the state directorates for passport and immigration to implement the order from Wednesday, 1 March, 2017.

On Wednesday, Wau state deputy director for passport, nationality and immigration Col. Abdarahman Manyang officially dismissed ongoing allegations that the directorate of the nationality, passport and immigration has increased charges for national documents.

Manyang explained that their department in Wau did not receive any official circular from the national headquarters on the matter.

“The issue of increasing fees of passport or nationality certificates. Up to this movement for me is a ramous, no any official circular that has reach our office in regard to the increment to the fees,” he said.

“Until this movement, there is no official circular from our headquarters in regard to the increment. So we are hearing ramous like you. People are paying 45 pounds for nationality certificate, they are paying 315 pounds for passport, until the movement we are talking, no any increment until this movement,” he added.

The have been similar increments on work permits for foreigners in the country.

Via ST