Students on government scholarship in Zimbabwe have told Eye Radio that the government has decided to discontinue the program.

For the past months, the scholars have been at the South Sudan embassy in Harare; after they were forced out of lecture halls by school administrations over the fee arrears.

The students said the government has not paid their tuition and accommodation fees.

“We got shocking news yesterday when the government sent us a letter stating that we will be taken back to South Sudan,” said Ajal Bol, a representative of the students.

According to the letter signed by the Undersecretary in the Ministry of Higher Education, the Council of Ministers directed the Minister of Finance settle their arrears and provide tickets for the student back home.

The letter also added that only students who will graduate this year will be allowed to continue with the scholarship program.

But last week, the Undersecretary at the Ministry of Higher Education, Prof Bol Deng, said the Council of Ministers had directed the minister of finance to clear the fees estimated to be half a million dollars.

Eye Radio’s attempts to get general education officials to comment were not immediately successful.

Via Eye Radio