Wildlife officers were called yesterday to a scene at a village in Mangala after a giant 25-foot crocodile that has been terrorizing villagers killed at least two people along Juba – Bor Road according to sources from the village.

It was “hell for a day” when a crocodile that has been “going Alqaeda” on the villagers snatched two young men who were fishing from a dugout canoe at nearby tributary of the Nile.

The wildlife officers had to use the only tools they had to save the situation shooting the croc 14 times killing it.

It is alleged that the croc has been terrorising the villagers for so long.

“It was risky to fetch water or even stand in a pool of water because it was all over”, said a villager.


( The dead croc shot in the head “Photo via Dut Adenego”)