Videos going viral in 2015 is not really a thing anymore, but this has to be the most viral video of the year so far!

Nigerian actor Francis Odega appears in the Ghanaian movie “Back From the South” wherein he leaves Ghana for South Africa, hoping that he can live a better life there and possibly make some money while at it. His trip does not turn out to be as successful as he hoped however, and is forced to go back to Ghana.

But for some reason, he picks up an American accent while there and can’t wait to show it off to his friends and family back home. And that is where the comedy ensues!

Francis Odega has appeared in a number of Nigerian films over the years (mostly comedy) and has made a name for himself in Nollywood, but this is probably his most talked about movie to date. For obvious reasons.

Check out some of the memes that have been made as a result of that video:

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