The German government has announced a grant of over 30 million US dollars to support the protection, nutrition, and provision of clean water supply for the children of South Sudan.

The money will be channeled through UN Children’s agency – UNICEF.

Speaking to the press in Juba this morning, UNICEF representative to South Sudan Mahimbo Mdoe explained how the money will be used.

“We have received over thirty million Euros which is quite significant for UNICEF, in most case most of the funds we have received it is emergency based but Germany has been able to combine both here in Juba, Torit, and Yambio we will be building a water system this means pipeline which will have an emergency component in terms in that in some places they will be delivering to POCS but they will also have a longer-term components of serving communities that are vulnerable in those areas”

German Ambassador to South Sudan, Jan Hendrik Van Thiel used the opportunity to appeal for peace.