South Sudan army commander General Peter Dor Manjur Gatluak who was shot twice this morning at the army headquarters Bilpam has said that he is recovering and has been discharged from the hospital.

General Manjur made the remarks during an interview with the Juba-based Juba News Today at his home in the Juba neighborhood of Jebel.

The general said in the interview that the shooting began after “verbal altercations between me and the guard regarding administrative matters,” which he refused to clarify and said, “such misunderstandings that they fall under the jurisdiction of the army intelligence service and the military police, and that it will be the one who will investigate the guard in this matter if the latter survives his injury.”

“The guard, after intense altercations with him, surprised me by shooting me with the intent to assassinate me. When I fell on the ground, I pulled out my pistol and the guard came, and I think to make sure that I am dead and then when I saw him I shoot him in self-defense,” he said.

Doctors contacted at the Juba Military Hospital said there are no fractures caused to the wound and said only minor superficial injuries.

Via Sudans Post