South Sudan’s most eloquent TV news anchor, Garang John who recently wedded former singer Paleki is literally spending his honeymoon behind bars.

Sources tell HIJ, the famed TV journalist was locked up last week after failing to pay debts he owe a number of people. We’re told John was loaned money by individuals and colleagues at SSBC (formerly SSTV) to enable him prepare for his wedding in April.

According to our sources, John has been embroiled in legal tussle with the people he owe unspecified amount of money said to be millions (SSP) soon after the wedding. Unfortunately, he couldn’t go for honeymoon.

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One source tells us, he was finally arrested and detained at Juba Town police station after he failed to fulfill his promise to payback money in dollars.

Garang John and his sweetheart Paleki exchanged vows in a super hyped and glamorous wedding at Freedom Hall in April this year.

We don’t not know if Garang has been released on bail or not. We tried to reach Garang and Paleki but their cellphones were out of reach.