Abraham Athoi Ngor, a former Minister of Information of Ruweng State was yesterday afternoon taken by a group of soldiers in Parieng and tortured. It is not clear whether the soldiers are SSPDF or National Security personnel.

According to Abraham’s relatives and eyewitnesses, the soldiers had parked a pick up with a mounted 12.7mm heavy machine gun pointed at civilians. Abraham approached the soldiers and asked the soldiers to park the vehicle outside the market and not point the weapon at civilians.

The soldiers immediately set upon Abraham asking him “who are you to give us orders?” He was taken to the army barracks and tortured.

According to his relatives and eyewitnesses, Abraham sustained serious bodily injuries and also serious eye injuries after the soldiers broke his eyeglasses into his eyes. One witness said he could have sustained internal injuries.

He has been released after Ruweng citizens used their connections to appeal to higher military officials in Juba.

The Ministry of Defence or the National Security Service has not made a comment in connection to the incident so far.

via The National Courier