South Sudanese political commentator, Agel Machar has spoken out on the growing influence the former members of Sudan’s National Congress Party(NCP) member are having on the current political arena in South Sudan.

Agel alleges that former NCP cadres are outplaying SPLM cadres in the political game.

He took to social media to write this:

When people say that “miith SPLM” (children of SPLM/A) are suffering, we DON’T automatically mean that they are suffering necessarily in the hands of former NCP cadres. No. Majority of Red Army veterans are and have been suffering in the hands of their own senior comrades, particularly those from the 105/104, Jamus, Tiger and Timsah Battalions, plus those from Koryom and Muor-Muor Divisions. In fact those few miith SPLM who happened to find themselves under the direct wings of former NCP cadres have done very well, unlike those who stuck with their senior SPLM comrades.
For instance, at a personal level, I have been suffering for over a decade under the oppression of my own senior comrades. Not a single former NCP cadre has been responsible for any of my misfortunes

One of many reasons why former NCP cadres are outrightly out-maneuvering senior SPLM comrades on all fronts is this; When a former NCP cadre gets $100, he keeps $20 and uses the other $80 to support and empower his key junior cadres and followers. But when one of senior SPLM cadres gets the same amount of $100, the SELF ENTITLEMENT SYNDROME (I liberated this country) in them orders them straight to the bank to deposit the whole $100 with immediate effect, more over in foreign banks in most cases.
Furthermore, most of them aren’t even yet aware but this phenomenon has left most of them without necessary elite cadres base. These empowered cadres are the people who go on to work day and night to further strengthen you politically. Empty pride of past glory will not continue to do the necessary job comrades.🤦🏿‍♂️
I have news for my senior SPLM comrades. Politics is a game of numbers comrades. Yes, leading the often bloody assaults and capturing of towns such as Nasir, Kapoeta, Torit, Raja, Mading-Bor etc gets you overwhelming public admiration and obvious political advantage but…remember that and I quote Dr John Garang De Mabior roughly “…Unless the revolution makes our people more prosperous, then they will prefer a NIF/NCP government that provides salt ”