As floods continue to wreak havoc in Bor town and its surroundings, the famous natives of the area can’t help but join residents who are building dykes to stop the raging floods in the area.

Former model Aheu Deng is among the famous Bor personalities who traveled from Juba on Saturday to see the damage caused by floods firsthand.

She couldn’t help but to lend a helping hand to people trying to build dykes after seeing helpless men digging up mud in water to make dyke. The model traveled from Juba to Juba via road on Saturday to deliver some food donations to the flood-affected people. Her live video stream posted on social media on Sunday show devastating consequences of the floods Thousands have been displaced around Jonglei State as homes have been submerged in water.

The government has appealed to humanitarian agencies to help people displaced by floods with relief food and medical supplies to prevent outbreaks of waterborne diseases.