Former Miss South Sudan Aheu Deng yesterday got in a Facebook spat with singer Mary Boyoi over deadly suspected cattle raiders attack in Jalle payam in Jonglei state.
It all started when Mary Boyoi shared a post by Aheu in which she had condemned the attack and blamed Murle tribesmen for masterminding the attack.

Aheu wasn’t happy with Boyoi sharing her FB post and warned Mary not to share her posts to which Mary responded by blasting Bor community intellectuals and called them tribalists for calling for revenge attack on Murle community after the attacks the attacks.

Here is Mary’s post:

“One month ago my own area Manyabol had been attacked by gunmen from Dinka Bor where two of my cousins have been killed and young brother of Yau Yau has been wounded. We didn’t point fingers on anyone coz this is all about cows and we need to bring these people together as intellectuas. Now some intellectuals from Bor, they talk like if they’re from cattle camp. You guys deserve to be awarded with certificates of tribalism”.