A daughter to a former deputy minister was forcefully thrown out of a bar for having sex on a pool table at a bar in Thongping residential area over recently.

The young lady who just returned from Australia for a visit, was in a company of a friend, drinking  and smoking weed, locally known on the streets as “anko bob”. After taking number of bottles of Nile Special beer she started stripping and in short while she was all naked on the pool table in the bar, and the friend quickly had to pull down his pants as the girl was “a friend in need of lubrication”.

“The two friends were the only people left in the bar at around 12 am, I was suprised when the waiter called me to come and chase them away as they were refusing to leave the bar,” said the bar owner.

The two were forcefully removed from the bar after the bar  owner threatened to call the 777 police service.

Our club sources say the girl a daughter of a powerful former deputy minister from Warrap is known for hanging out at low-end bars in Hongkong area.