2019 was the year viral sensation John Frog ruled the music industry with his smash single Guondo Sakit. Although the song was released in late 2018, it became a massive club banger all over the country and earned him what is now South Sudan’s biggest collaboration with a foreign musician after a remix featuring Bongo superstar Harmonize.

Well, that was 2019. We have just ushered in 2020 and if you might have thought that South Sudanese musicians are still in 2019, then you’re in for a shock. There’s a new kid on the block and his name is John Bagara.

The singer is currently riding high with his hit song ‘Salam’. Just like John Frog’s Guondo Sakit, the song is sung in a typical Mundari Arabic which makes it comical and easy for everybody to understand.

The song was National Dialogue’s theme song last year during the series of National Dialogue conferences held at Freedom Hall.

According to many music critics, the song is expected to rule airwaves this year.

Listen to the song here: