Citizens have raised their concerns that the security forces come at night and move door to door asking for money and documents from the foreigners.

It is said that if you don’t give them money then when you are a foreigner they will forcefully ask for your travel document.

In an exclusive interview, the police Spokesperson Maj. Gen Daniel Justine warned the security forces working at night to stop the alleged taking of money from foreigners and the citizens beyond 8:00 pm.

They described the act as “illegal,” it is not allowed to take anything from anybody.  

“For us when we dispatch our security for operations, we brief them on what to do, if they find any shop open by that time they have to close it and they also have the right to arrest that person who is found beyond 8:00 o’clock,” Daniel said.

He said that in every group that is on duty there is an officer in charge, so if there is any misbehavior reported by public beyond 8:00 o’clock, the officer in charge will be responsible.

“So if such cases happen, that foreigners have been harassed or money have been taken from them, the foreigner should report immediately after the incident by calling 112, we will know who is in this and this place at the given time,” he added.

He insisted that it is illegal to collect money from any person and such cases have to be reported early to the commander in the field or you call 112 then we will respond immediately.

He called on all foreigners not to pay any money to any security organ, if the security wants to take you accept and go finish everything with him at the police station, “but don’t pay any
single money,” he said.

Meanwhile, Daniel added that on the issue of prisoners with minor cases, he had talked with the attorney general to see how they can be bailed out and be taken to the court so that they minimize the number of the prisoners as a preventive measure for COVID 19.

Source: Juba Monitor