South Sudan Football Association (SSFA) Board of Directors has suspended president Chabur Goc Alei during an Emergency Extra Ordinary Meeting held on Wednesday, November 30, 2016 for financial impropriety.

The vice president Mr. Andrea Abdella will assume the vacant role for the remainder of the term till next polls in March 2017.

Alei who is out of the country has since thrown in the towel – promising to hand over peacefully when he returns.

“Thanks dear comrades for your decision, I thought we would finish the journey together, but it’s okay and it’s my pleasure to be killed by friend’s bullets rather than an enemy’s, I really thank you from the bottom of my heart,” he posted on his Facebook account on Thursday, December 1.

The board is accusing him of among others, “taking decisions on financial expenditures of the Association alone without the knowledge of Members of Board of Directors and members of finance committee’, including transfer of $400,000 to his personal account between 11th and 19th March 2015, and single handedly borrowing $12,000.

“Pursuant to article 36 of SSFA, the Board of Directors therefore, unanimously resolved that Mr. Chabur Goc Alei, the president of SSFA is suspended with immediate effect from 30th November 2016, awaiting approval by the General Assembly in the next meeting and Mr. Chabur has the right to speak in his own defense during the General Assembly,” the resolution reads.

The youthful administrator who came to power in 2012 as the second boss of the newest member of CAF and FIFA pledged to be available for scrutiny, “I will inform my former deputy and the current chairman of SSFA of the date of my arrival, so that I can officially hand over all the assets of the Association, and I will be available for accountability purposes.”

Chabur survived a similar ouster in July this year – regaining control in a FIFA lead intervention which culminated in the signing of “Roadmap of the South Sudan Football Association until 2017” on Wednesday, August 10.