It’s quite obvious that nowadays, men aren’t the only thirsty species. Young chicks have joined the reckless lust bandwagon too. They project covert hunger towards dudes of their choice and do whatever it takes to get the ‘D’. Such chicks are popularly known as slay queen or ‘Nyayegke’. It might be hard to spot their defining characteristics but luckily we got them. Here’s how to know she is a slay queen

She has no problem approaching men
Not only are most chicks afraid of approaching men, but they also don’t know how to give out indicators of interest too. As a result, most of them end up not getting the men they like. Slay queen on the contrary never have confidence problems. While a portion simply let a guy know about their feelings some prefer ‘display’ in front of their targets until the prey makes a move. Think of that neighbor chick of yours who always comes to hang her clothes and panties in front of your house yet there is space on her hang-line. And she ensures she bends over while doing so

No respect for the girl code
Just as guys value the bro code, chicks have their own girl codes too. These codes are unwritten, universal rules that the female species understands and respects; like not hitting on your BFF’s boyfriend or on a dude your pal has a crush on. However, Slay Queens completely disregard these rules. Other women’s wives are also not spared. Slicing is the name of the game. There are taboos against certain ventures in the dating world. For example, you shouldn’t date your boss, or your friend’s dad or a man old enough to be your father but don’t tell a slay queen that. To her, anything goes.

Her attitude during sex
A Slay queen will let you act out all your wildest sexual fantasies during your first sexual encounter with her (screwing her ass and shooting your load in her mouth, banging her raw, golden showers, etc).
She does this to impress and reserve you as a long term servicer. Since she’s constantly thirsty, she wants to make sure she does crazy things so that you keep coming back to quench her more often. The first impressions (sexual experiences) are the lasting impressions. A slay queen always seems to know what she’s doing in bed. Hey man, nothing like getting a BJ from a chick who knows how to hit the underside with her tongue, but it does make you wonder how much dick it required for her to reach that level of professionalism.
But beware, if you bang her a few more times, sex will go rapidly downhill coz she has many other guys to attend to, and can’t put a great show for y’all. No matter how lousy the sex will get later, she knows you’ll always reminisce those exhilarating first times with her, and keep going back to her with hopes of reliving those ‘memorable’ encounters.

She has a huge punani
Some of you wonder if this is an urban legend or a street joke, but it’s got a kernel of truth. If you feel big with most girls, but small with her (and she doesn’t have the excuse of being a seacow, she has a stretched out pu*** that has happily accommodated a parade of giant cocks. Why do you think Kegels are all the rage in gyms nowadays?
Slay queens are onto the fact that their distended pu*** betray their loose ways, and anything to tighten up that love-hole helps them hide their pecker pounded tracks including lots of moaning. When I feel humongous with a girl, I know she has a normal sized snatch that hasn’t been used like the mwasalat. The more tighter I feel inside her, the likelier I am to move her to the front of my cherished girlfriend queue, because she definitely can’t be a slay queen

She frequently goes commando (pantyless).
Beware of pantyless and braless girls. They are only doing it to provide easy access to whoever wants in. Yeah, as guys, we think it’s hot when we slide our hands under a chick’s’ skirt while having a good time with her and discover a panty-less punani waiting for us, but what if you notice she’s sans underwear while you’re both at work? At a family gathering? In church? You get the picture. Rumor has it that slay queens also fail to cover up their coochies due to all the soreness that has befallen from them banging many fellas.

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