The festive season is already here and Hot in Juba brings for you the list of the places that you can’t miss out on in regards to the season. This December a lot of Junubin will be pouring into Juba for holidays. These are few places u can’t miss to check while in Juba.

1. Nyakuron Cultural Centre

Club Signature

Resting on a huge chunk of land, Nyakuron cultural Centre not only defines South Sudan’s cultural heritage but a recreational spot filled with lots of entertainment activities.

The Centre house a 1,400 seats auditorium and a 400 seats conference hall, clothing stores,  an exotic bar and the latest addition is a discotheque, Signature Club.

The large parking lot comes in handy given the typical monstrous cars that we, Junubin seem to find irresistible and the large crowds that flock this cultural centre during festive season, concerts, trade shows and on comedy night every Thursday.

Nyakuron Cultural Center is an important venue in Juba where shows and events take place. Cultural shows are staged there from time to time and it is a great hangout for those who love to get a feel of the local culture and tradition. Its basically the irresistible hub for those who want to chill out with friends or fam.

2. Agrey Jaden Cultural Centre

Aggrey Jaden Cultural Center ( Photo by Cont Monk )

Aggrey Jaden Cultural Center ( Photo by Cont Monk )

Aggrey Jaden Cultural Centre for Art and Music is a community based non-profit cultural organization located in Hai Amarat. The centre has activities such as after school classes for children, where children age 5 years to 13 are taught art and craft, drawing and molding, formal education, music and tree planting to keep the neighborhood green and clean.

The center is one place in juba u have to visit  as you will alway “feel the peace” the place depict.

3. River Nile

River Nile

Villlages along River Nile

Who doesn’t want to visit the longest river in the Africa? The Nile is the dominant geographic attraction of Sudan and is a must stop if visiting Juba. There are many bars and restaurants you can visit that will give you a beautiful scenic view of the White Nile River and a boat cruise on the Nile could be the most do while inspiring thing to do.

4. Jebel Kujur

Jebel Kujur

Jebel Kujur

Located west of Juba town, Jebel Kujur is a beautiful attraction and its a “must see” site while in Juba. Its a nice spot to go climbing and while at the top of the mountain exhausted you are rewarded with a beautiful view of the growing Juba city.

5. John Garang Mausoleum

John Garang Mausoleum Square

John Garang Mausoleum Square

Named after the father of South Sudan, Dr. John Garang de Mabior. The Mauseleum is located in Custom area near the national parliament. The first independence flag was raised here. You can visit see and a very large statue of Dr. John Garang and pay homage to father of the nation. Garang’s tomb is also found here.

As you can see, Juba is a great place to visit. There is not a lot of attractions, but it is full of culture and intriguing information – a place you’ll surely never forget!