In every relationship, the phrase “I love you” is commonly used as that is how the partner’s let each other know how they feel. However, did you know that besides that phrase, other phrases are more powerful?

Here are some of the persuasive phrases than “I love you” expression;

1. “I respect you”

There’s nothing as important as letting your partner know how muchyou respect him or her. The phrase is automatically appreciated by many partners than “I love you.”

2. “I forgive you”

In relationships, there are times when we make mistakes and anger our partners. But after all, couples need to forgive each other so that they can move on happily. Letting your partner know that you’ve forgiven him or her for the mistake that he or she did is essential.

3. “I’ll support you”

People happen to assume much that it’s obvious when people are in a relationship, they will automatically have each other’s back. That is like news to some couples, hence it’s crucial letting your partner know that you are ready to support them in any way.

4. “I’ll sacrifice for you”

People love each other, but they can barely sacrifice themselves for their partner. In that case, that is why letting your partner know that you can sacrifice yourself for their sake is very important.

5. “I’ll protect you” There’s nothing as high as a woman getting an assurance from her man of how he’ll do anything to protect her. Having this sort of guarantee means a lot than when told you are loved