First Lady survives grisly road accident [PHOTOS]

First Lady survives grisly road accident [PHOTOS]

Self-proclaimed First Lady, Mary Boyoi was involved in a grisly road accident in Nairobi.
The accident that occurred in January involved a heavy commercial vehicle that hit Boyoi’s car from behind, exposing her to body injuries.

Situations leading to the accident remain unclear, but further reports state that the accident was caused by reckless driving.

The musician was rushed to a nearby hospital by a friend, where she got treatment.

On Wednesday, Boyoi took to her Facebook page to assure her fans that she was out of danger and she is doing fine.

“I was down almost to death but I put myself together with help of a friend. I still believe there is reason for everything and life must go on anywhere I will be. Nobody knows about the future I don’t even know where I will be next month all are God plan,” she posted on social media

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