Even with the unfortunate situation of South Sudan, few South Sudanese still find it necessary to invest in the country they call home regardless of the bad economic and security situations.

South Sudanese-American entrepreneur Deng Biar is one of the few South Sudanese who believe in the future of South Sudan despite the political turmoil that has destroyed the country’s economy.

Deng who relocated to the South Sudan from USA recently is behind the first ever modern sport complex in South Sudan. The state-of-art facility gives you a feel of a modern sport arena that you find only in developed countries.

Located at Supiri Secondary School, the complex construction is almost complete. The facility has a large fitness centre, restaurant, swimming pool, indoor football pitch, tennis court, basket basketball court among other sporting facilities.

The founder Deng Biar built the sports complex in honour of his late father Dr. Biar Deng Biar.

Below are the photos of the complex courtesy of Dr. Biar Sports Complex: