South Sudan’s music industry is made of a larger percentage of male artists. Female artists are few but they are not left behind.

They are coming with a big force. Not only in the genre of R&B but also in the male-dominated rap music.

Tho‘ South Sudan has few female rappers, one female rapper is ushering in a new era of fierce female rappers who do not take competition lightly.

She is Nyared Bul or simply Redz. She entered the music industry almost at the time when the likes of rapper Lual were dominating the rap scene.

But due to her artistic and cardi B kinda rap style, the male rappers are finding it hard to overshadow her. Her music is a blend of hard kicks and strong lyrical skills. She has produced a number of singles and recently did a collaboration with award-winning rapper Lazzoh D on his latest album, ‘Winds and Direction.’