Whenever you walk in the streets of Juba, we never fail to spot an unkempt boy or girl sniffing glue from a bottle.
They often approach us calling out haja or uncle with their arms stretched a sign they want something from you, well at least a change.
This is what they do all day long in order to get food, and drugs to keep them sane in the streets.

For many of us, we hurriedly walk past them shaking our heads vigorously and to the far extent pushing them away physically or verbally.
These street children often have a big story behind them that has seen them lack no otherwise and depend on the streets for survival.
One South Sudanese female singer, Tutu Baibe has registered a foundation to help street kids across South Sudan.

Tutu Foundation was put up for the street boys in order to rescue and rehabilitate them.
“Tutu foundation is non-profit, non-governmental organization that cares for the uncared children in the Republic of South Sudan,” Tutu Baibe told HIJ reporter.

The foundation is planning to take to school around 100 students who are also followed up on after re-integration.

The next time you meet a street child, think about what you can do to ease their burden and the beauty of helping such a child reform to a better person in the world.

You can contact Tutu Foundation if you would love to help a street kid in South Sudan via:

Airport Rd, Opposite Thong-Piny Business Centre,
Juba, South Sudan

(211) 928 882828
(211) 928 882828