The outgoing chairperson of the women parliamentary caucus has accused their male counterparts of turning down their proposals to amend provisions that protect women against forced marriage and wife inheritance.

Dusman Joyce says their views on issues that affect women were often not considered by the male lawmakers.

She cited the Maputo protocol article which talks about protection of women and girls against, forced marriage, wife inheritance and polygamy.

In 2018, the women MPs had demanded for its adoption by the parliament, saying it was long overdue.

“We give them a proposal, but they will pick whatever they want to do for us, and they will not go with what we have given them, “MP Dusman said.

However, the bill has been referred to the office of the president with the reservations. Assenting to it would mean legitimatising polygamy and wife inheritance in the country.

“So we want to stand firm and see into it that the article is amended and we have to see into it that it is really something that can support the issue of women.”

The other challenge, Dusman said they faced last year, was lack of money to facilitate their activities.

She said they relied on the UN agencies for support.