Leading South Sudanese comedian Philip Omon aka Feel Fee has accused musician MC Lumoex of using comedians for his own benefit at Kilkilu Ana comedy night while he claims Kilkilu is a non-profit organisation. Lumoex according to the comedian is the only person benefiting from the show leaving the comedians who perform at the weekly show poor.

“Since I started doing comedy at Kilkilu Ana, I have not been given an ID card. We have been performing every Thursday for good 5 years, nothing has changed in our lives as comedians,” the comedian said in an interview with HIJ.
Feel Free who says he’s now having a successful career after exiting Kilkilu Ana Comedy Show has now started an entertainment company called Team Kebir Entertainment Company which he will use to nurture upcoming comedians and other talented South Sudanese youths in various fields of specialization.

“During performances [at Kilkilu Ana] we never got even drinking water for comedians. For good five years no data for the company that has been put online to advertise the comedians. Comedians are used as tools of generating sources of income,” he said.

Musician MC Lumoex

Musician MC Lumoex

The accusations come after Kilkilu Ana launched a verbal attack on Feel Free calling him uncreative. In a Facebook statement, the organisation said Feel Free was poaching it’s employees and also stealing the motto “You dream… We fulfill”.

Below is what was posted on Kilkilu Ana Facebook page:

“If only comedy houses can respect kilkiluana the way kilkiluana respects them we can go far. 1. You come fetch comedians we are good with it coz we know we can make others we chill. 2. You fetch ideas and your motto becomes “you dream we fullfil” we chill still. 3. You fetched all the kilkiluana lady fans we chilled 4. Gate collectors , bouncers all from kilkiluana 5. Vuvuzela team taken we chill yajama zol bi amulu Kalam zede de ma bi kafu allah wele kef.??? 6. You can imagine what next is that individual capable of taking mmmmh . All am saying I mean respect intaram ma baat is important. You cannot be clever by using inner crowd to advertise urself the world is watching don’t think people are stupid yajek..we are capable closing down these show and we see where u will misbehave. Be urself set ur goals don’t wait for people to dream and you fulfill that is not fair at all.”

The comedian denied the accusations saying the ushers and the spectator group called Vuvuzela Crew who now works with him were just regular attendees of the show but were never employees of Kilkilu Ana. Feel Free continued to explain that those who left Kilkilu Ana to join his new comedy night at Chicago Bar in Munuki left on their own not because of him. He said he pays his employees better than Kilkilu Ana.

The CEO of Team Kebir Entertainment Company who has been described as the South Sudan King of Comedy said MC Lumoex and Kilkilu Ana are jealous of his success.

He stated bitterly that MC Lumoex pays his comedians peanuts yet he is earning lots of money. These accusations have brought to concern another rumuor that claimed most comedians had left the show due to poor pay. Our sources have it that they are paid 500 SSP per show.

MC Lumoex founded Kilkilu Ana Comedy Night more than 5 years ago and the show has been hosted at Nyakuron Cultural Centre every Thursday. The musician says the show is a platform to nature young South Sudanese comedians and musicians. The show was the first ever comedy show in the country.