Federal system of governance would be the only way that could surpass the conflict and improve the economic development in the country, the Vice-President Dr. James Wani Igga said yesterday.
His sentiments were also supported by Federal Affairs Minister, Dr Richard K. Mulla during a one day symposium organized under the auspicies of the latter’s docket
Dr. Igga was speaking at the opening of a one-day symposium on Federalism in Juba under the theme; “Are the people of South Sudan ready for Federalism?”
The symposium was organized by the Ministry of Federal Affairs and brought together most of the senior government officials, United Nations agencies and Legal experts.
He reiterated that a federal system of governance would be a solution to solving problems and improving the economic development in the country, saying the ongoing crisis and economic challenges would only end if a federal system of governance was initiated to improve service delivery to the people.
Dr. Igga explained that a federal system of governance would enable citizens at lower levels of government to have power over their affairs and get services closer.

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“Federalism will make people get services and have control over their own affairs,” he said.
Dr. Igga said he believed that, a federal government is the one that will have written constitution, good legislative system, and existence of Supreme Court meant to solve disputes between individuals, people and the government.
He said services like construction of feeder roads would be possible if powers was given to local governments.
Dr. Igga urged the people of South Sudan to be productive by relying on agriculture instead of oil to improve the economy.
“This oil is the natural resource, at any time it can deplete,” he said. “Let’s produce our food to be independent instead of buying from foreign countries. We should work hard to earn a living in our country,” he added.

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Dr. Mulla, the Minister of Federal Affair said Federal System of Governance will bring lasting peace and economic development in the country to end the suffering of the citizens.
He said the system is purely based on division of powers and resources to all levels of governance.
“All levels of government are assigned responsibilities and discharge powers to grassroots to exercise their full powers in running their own affairs locally,” he said. “It brings accommodation to divided societies with full responsibility,” he added.
Minister Mulla said Federalism will give chance to the locals to exercise their rights to vote for their own leaders without interference from the national government.