Rumours of death of popular singer Vivian Nyanchan flared up on social media on Friday when journalist Maal Maker posted that she was killed in one of the rebel barges destroyed in Melut town by SPLA.

However, the family of the elderly singer denied the rumours and assured the public that she was well and in Juba. The daughter to the singer said her mother has never joined any armed group. The daughter Josephina urged the public to disregard any rumours being circulated about her mother’s death.

It was alleged that a lady carrying and ID bearing the name Vivian Nyanchan was killed in the rebel barge but was not actually singer Nyanchan.

Like late singer Nyankol, Vivian Nyanchan is hailed as a nationalist for her educative Shilluk and English songs in the 90s during the Sudanese civil war.

See screenshot of her daughter’s statement below:

Statement from the daughter

Statement from the daughter