India Today Anti-Fake News War Room (AFWA) has found the post to be misleading

While scientists, pharmacologists, experts are working tirelessly 24×7 to find an antidote for Covid-19, social media users are coming up with bizarre remedies and sharing them.

post has gone viral on various social media platforms claiming that the Chinese doctor who first detected the deadly coronavirus had documented a few case files and proposed treatment for the disease.

The chemical compounds required to cure Covid-19 can be found in tea, the doctor had suggested, according to the post.

It went on to claim that the news was first published by CNN.

Maria Celia Junio-Fernandez and many others have shared the post on Facebook.

They claim, ‘Breaking News from CNN:- Dr Li Wenliang, China’s hero doctor who was punished for telling the truth about coronavirus and later died due to the same disease, had documented casefiles for research purposes and had in the case files proposed a cure that would significantly decrease the impact of the Covid-19 on the human body… What’s more shocking is that these complex words that were so difficult for people in China to understand is actually called tea in India, YES, our regular tea has all these chemicals already in it.’

Maria Celia urged her family and friends to share the post widely. She also claims, “The hospital staff in china has started serving tea to the patients three times a day.”

Here is the archived version of the post.

Within hours, the post has been shared by around 1,000 people.