Tuk De Ming singer Mijok Lang moniker Rapper Hotdogg had his account taken down yesterday after posting his intentions to go “Video Live” to speaks to President Salva Kiir and it made Facebook takes down the rapper’s account and deleted the status.

“So my other account was blocked coz I mentioned to go live about Salva Kiir within few hours facebook drama….” Hotdogg posted.

When contacted by HIJ about the drama with Facebook, the rapper says he doesn’t know why Facebook had to take down his page.

“I am baffled by this act by Facebook to try and block me from going live.I am not happy with the recent decree by Salva Kiir relieving the governor of my state Theja Da Adwad Deng and I wanted to talk about it”, he said.

President Salva Kiir issued a republican decree this week relieving the governor of Ruweng State Theja Da Adwad Deng and had him replaced by Them Machar Kuol. The decree sparks a statewide protest and condemnation from Ruweng State Netizens.