REVEALED: Names and photos of girls who were filmed torturing South Sudanese student in Uganda


South Sudanese social media users were in shock last week as a video of girls bullying a fellow south Sudanese student over alleged gossiping.

The notorious were arrested and allegedly released after their victim forgave them.

We are told the victim who we can’t name for fear of reprisal had first preferred to cut off the girls’ hair in exchange for their freedom before the case goes to court but was advised to forgive them. She forgave them and the notorious girls were let free without justice.

After a brief investigation, HIJ reveals the faces and names of the girls who were seen in the despicable video bullying.

Yar Kuol Manyuon (Facebook), was the girl allegedly gossiped about. It is alleged that she accuses the victim of spreading false claim that Yara was a gold-digger and that it was sugardaddy from Juba that was paying her university fee and hostel rent.

Yar Thomas

Yar Kuol Manyuon


Nana thomas

Nana Thomas


Marlin Tom

Marlin Tom

Vivi terensio

Vivi Terensio





Titiyana Eliakima

Titiyana Eliakima

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