The whistleblower in the Sentry’s corruption report was a former employee of Trinity Energy who was accused of theft, this is according to documents shared with Hot in Juba.

A communication between the governments of South Sudan and Rwanda shows that Biswick Kaswaswa was extradited from Kigali to Juba by Interpol.

The Malawian national was employed for five months, from June 2018 to October 2018.

According to Trinity Energy, Kaswaswa lost his job as an accountant after he runaway and stole thousands of US dollars from the company.

Hot in Juba was able to obtain the attached enforcement of an extradition order related to Mr. Kaswaswa’s case.

The documents listed the items handed over to the authorities which included his passport, USD in cash to the value of 26,582 as well as his cellphone.

The documents are also tied with the pictures of the referenced items.

The authorities also have pictures of Mr. Kaswaswa’s passport open next to the USD 26,582 in cash and the cellphone as part of their evidence proceedings.

There seem to be contradictory statements pertaining to the actual events that occurred during the tenure of Kaswaswa with Trinity Energy.

Local sources have confirmed that he did indeed abscond from his post at the company and left his personal effect in Juba which was only later discovered.