What began as a casual singing career way back in 2015 has now become a catalyst that would propel Ceasor Lok and his music to the top of South Sudan’s rising stars. As a dedicated musician, Lok is involved in all aspects of the creative process. When writing his music, Lol draws his inspiration from everything he sees and hears through her everyday life. 2020 has been a breakthrough for Lok as he is set to release new original music that showcases his evolution as an artist. In an exclusive interview, Lok spoke to Hot in Juba about her musical journey and more.

Who is Ceasor Lok?
Ceasar Lok is a dancehall, afrobeat recording artist from South Sudan.

Describe your childhood.
I was born in Kakuma, a refugee camp located in northern Kenya. It was there I started my educational journey by attending pre-primary and primary school. Life wasn’t so good in the camp but we had great childhood memories.
Kakuma turned me into a man I am today, and for that I’m so grateful. the place taught me to tough mentally and emotionally.

What/who inspired you to join music?
I’ve always been artistic behind the scenes. I just never had to courage to do it. But would say I got my inspiration from listening to radio Station call Ghetto Radio in Kenya. I used to repair radios as part of my hustle(work) everyday when I’m fixing radios I will listen to dancehall and reggae and the artist that was influential in that time, was Adidja Azim Palmer, better known as Vybz Kartel.

When did you join the industry?
I joined the music industry in 2015 when we had a joined project entitled Nyanloopaai with my brother which was a mixtape of 10 songs.

Your song “Yik a Puondu” recently went viral on social. What is the story behind the song?
Yik a Puondu is an amazing song, it explains the roller coaster type of love, and the ups and downs in a relationship. That people go through daily life! it speaks of equality no gender rules, couples have to share the same amount of effort in a relationship The greatest thing you’ll ever learn Is to love and be loved in return.

How would you describe your music to people who are just getting familiar with you?

It’s blessings when my songs , can touch people from all walks of life , I sing about real life issues, my music is danceable and each song as deep meaning to it, I will describe my music as positive vibes.

What are your songs about and who influenced your style?

I sing about everything I go through or I’ve seen. So I can sing about anything it just depends on the environment or situation I’m in.
My influences are are
Bounty killer
Vybz Kartel
Beenie Man

How do you separate yourself from other artists, what makes your music unique?

What makes my music unique is simple, I don’t stick to the same sound all the time people can’t predict what I will bring out, I’m dancehall artist yet I’m multi-skilled I can jump on any instrumental. And I also speak many languages and I can mix them all together in one song, that also makes me stand out differently from others in my humble opinion.

What do you find to be the most challenging part of being South Sudanese musician in Australia?
It’s very challenging pushing our music here is hard not having solid promoters that are willing to push their artists to reach more heights and be out there is hard, but everyday we trying slowly surely.

Any achievements for you so far?
I won New artist of the year at STA Awards in 2017
Only Sudanese artist to Preform at the Bob Marley Outernational!
Shared stage and performed with International Dancehall / reggae artist Stonebwoy from Ghana

Has there been one particular moment in your musical career that you’re most proud of?

Performing with Stonebwoy was my proudest moment in my music career, the show was epic and l made south Sudanese that attended the show so proud of our beautiful country. I’m forever thankful to Stonebwoy for giving me the opportunity.

Who are some of the artistes you have collaborated with and who are you currently working with?
I collaborated with
Sevena tha governor
Trose Kelma
Sai b
Joe Prince
And many more but I’m currently working with joe prince on his upcoming project.

Who produces your music and how many songs/albums do you have so far?
I worked with Jaemally beats, enox pro, Oviethecreater, SirLencerBeats
I’m currently working on my album.

What would you change about the sudo music industry? I want to take our to music to be on international scene the many countries are doing it, and I believe we can do it too. I know we are still young as a nation. But let’s promote our own.

Do you have any advice for up-and-coming artists out there?
We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort.
God above all things
Remember You had a purpose before anyone had an opinion, so just keeping going and have faith.

Any word to the fans out there?

Thanks for trodding this journey with I&I forever grateful for support. more music on the Pipeline coming. One love