Over the weekend ‘Berke’ singers Mc Ghetto and Alijoma staged a show which was disrupted by rowdy gangs calling themselves Dinka Defence Force and City Boys Crew. The gang which comprises of about 20 boys took to the stage while Mc Ghetto and Alijoma were performing and started raining blows and kicks like mana on the singer mercilessly.

we sought comment from Mc Ghetto on why the gang attacked him and his close friend Alijoma. He alleged that the attack was over the use of the name ‘City Boys.’

” They(the gangs) are fighting over City Boys names which I’m not even involved with…he added that the City Boys Crew think that he is part of City boys Entertainment which is a rival gang to City Boys Crew.”

The City Boys crew have earlier threatened to ‘deal’ with Mc Ghetto and Alijoma as long as they stay in Juba.

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