The youth stage is actually the crucial stage of life as this is the time when whatever you do determines how good or bad your future will be. Again, this is the period people often unknowingly misuse and end up with miserable lives.

Here are 5 ways you are wasting your life;

1. Thinking life is all about fun

This is quite normal with youths especially the youths of today. They have a mentality that life is all fun.

If you are one of this kind of youths and you think all you got to leave for is partying every week, switching lanes between The Nest, Signature and Home and Away then be sure you are wasting your life.

Most youths think so only because they have no or fewer responsibilities.

2. Having no goals to fight to achieve

The most contemptible life to live is life without goals. Most youths in Juba today only live because they have to live.

They forget that they should set up goals to drive them in life. A life without goals is like a car with no fuel; useless. Every youth should wake up and set goals to fight for.

3. Unwilling to work

This is how the youths of today have been brought up; lazy and unwilling to work.

It is a clear sign you are wasting your life if you have never had the thoughts to do work and make some money for yourself.

Laziness has no fruits at all so wake up from that comfort and go out there.

4. Using hard drugs

Drugs and alcohol are what youths today wake up to. They forget that these are only in place to block their future and damage their bodies.

Alcohol and drugs have zero pros but and a million cons. Saying no to these would see your future shine bright.

5. You are bothered by things people say about you

What people around you say about you bother you a lot such that you aren’t able to make life what you want it to be. This sounds stupid and uncalled for.

Do not let other people’s opinions about you clog your visions. Instead, use them as a ladder to climb higher in life.

Do not waste your youth because you will regret a lot.