Hotels are home to a lot of “rich” Junubins, some of them stay in hotels for over 5 years with promises of paying when X and Y happens.

Recently a Ethiopian’s owned hotel, Glory Hotel took to media to publish names of maybe prominant people owing the hotel ten of thousands of dollars, there are stories where govt officials would stay in hotels maybe with their “bambat” or relatives for years without paying the bills.

A lot of hotels in Juba have shut because of unpaid bill mostly by the “Big Guys” in the government and cooperate institutions.

The court order which was published by the media, ordered the people accused to report to court and some familiar names like Deng Ajou Deng and Bona Malual were on the list which HIJ couldn’t verify.

Some hotels have stopped giving services because they were running on loss and the ‘Big Guys” still stays in the hotels with no electricity, food or any other services.

Annually the Govt spend over 6.5 million US dollars on paying hotel bills of senior govt. officials


Check the names of the debtors