There comes a time in life when you find yourself saying “OH MY GOD” unknowingly and surviving death after being half swallowed by python is definitely one of those.

An Ethiopian shopkeeper in New Site residential area identified as Bikir by his friends last weekend over drunk local waragi and collapsed on his way home. His friends say that he was found half swallowed by a python after being over powered by the liquor.

Mr. Bikir was rescued when he was already unconscious, thanks to the patrol police that spotted him timely.

According to his friends, Bikir has been a frustrated man of late because of his shrinking business.

“Bikir these days spends most of his time drinking in the evening and that fateful day, he over drunk and turned down our offer to stay over for the night. He then collapsed on his way home”, the friends added.

He is currently undergoing treatment in a private hospital in town.