When Riek Machar was splashed out of Juba by the SPLA forces into the greater Equatoria bushes, he had no idea where he was going since he didn’t know the land well and he turned to Equatorian general to help him get to Congo. The Brig. Gen. Saki Paloko, an ethnic Baka commander under Welebe with bases on the DRC border was Riek Machar’s guide. With his help, he swiftly manoeuvred the thick Jungle bordering Congo.

And it seems Riek Machar has forgotten the General who saved his life from SPLA soldiers who were on a pursuit. According to letter by Paloko, the general has resigned from SPLA-IO and joint National Salvation Front under the leadership of Thomas Cirillo movement.

The General who guided Riek Machar and his bodyguards from the Mundri area to Garamba Park in the DRC alleged that he is under constant harassment by Riek Soldier dispite saving their leader’s life.

“I was attacked by Riek Machar’s bodyguards on 15th March 2017 at Lasu’s headquarters and my ammos and personal belonging taken by force, the General said.

The General says that he contacted Riek Machar about the harrasment by his loyal soldiers but he hasnt done anything about.

He also accused Riek Machar of losing political and military vision of SPLM-IO

During Riek Machar’s  flight from Juba, among those who are thought to have died on the way were Lt. Gen. Martin Kenyi, the SPLA-IO’s Equatorian commander and a veteran leader of the disbanded Equatoria Defence Forces,34 and Hatim Deng.