South Sudanese music legend Emmanuel Kembe rocked South Sudanese community in Australia over the weekend with his songs that emphasize peace in the country.

In a video of the show seen by media, fans were dancing and screaming to Kembe’s songs like “celebrate’ which is a popular song among South Sudanese in the country and abroad.

Women, yelling, men dancing and those with smart phones were seen capturing the moment as Emmanuel Kembe performed in Melbourne on Friday.

Saturday was another fun day for the community of Perth where the legend has his last performance at Sillican Club, a famous hangout for Africans living in Australia.

Maluk Jameson who attended the Saturday show told the Juba Monitor in a Facebook chat that it was a blast and he wished the legend would stay longer in Australia.

“I heard some people say that it was fun in Melbourne to me it was a blast in Perth where I believe Kembe has more fans,” Maluk said.

Freeman Morgan, a Liberian living in Perth said that he heard a lot about the legend and was not disappointed by what he witnessed after Kembe appeared on stage.

“A lot of my friends from South Sudan told me a lot about Emmanuel Kembe, I heard his songs which are so great and when he jumped on stage, I was seeing a star, to be honest to me he is one of Africa’s stars,” said Freeman.

Bossmaan Sounds, the company that sponsored Emmanuel Kembe’s Australian events is also taking the “Amarula” hit maker Roberto to perform to the South Sudanese community in Australia next month.