Emmanuel Jal is now blaming President Salva Kiir’s supporters and security agents in Canada for his recent unfortunate ban by Canadian air transport company, Westjet Airlines.

According to reports Jal will never fly on Westjet Airlines planes for the rest of his life. This comes after Jal threatened to ‘eat’ one of air hostess if he was not given enough food to eat during one of his trips to United States of America recently.

Jal had reportedly claimed he is licensed to ‘eat humans’ given his past testimonies and claims of feeding on human flesh during the Sudan’s civil war in 1990s.

The singer and self proclaimed human rights activist now believes Salva Kiir and his government including supporters were behind the ban. He believed Salva Kiir’s people conspired with the airline and influenced the decision to ban him. Frustrated took to his Facebook page to vent his anger on Salva Kiir and his supporters.